Friday, 14 August 2009

doesn't look a thing like she does

i swear i just can't be left on my own. i feel so lonely! and i've only been on my own for like 5 hours or so, absolutely insane. i genuinely can't function without social interaction from my friends/boyfriend these days. i never planned on being this co-dependant. i wanted to be a cat but apparently not.

i sometimes feel really guilty that i've ditched my old friends for you. but they're not here anymore and you are. and maybe they won't be and maybe you won't be but in the right here and now YOU ARE HERE. it's just making it difficult for me to just be FRIENDS, I LOVE YOU, PLEASE KNOW THAT when i feel like a traitor. but i do love you and i am harmless i think so it's good.

to tell you the truth, i want to stay and leave at the same time.