Thursday, 26 March 2009

edward hopper.

night hawks.
"i wonder what they're thinking about.."
"probably themselves."
"i don't know. maybe someone else. something else."

i forgot how obsessive having a new blog is harhar. nobody's going to read this so it's for my own piece of mind really. or.. the opposite. i've been sitting here for the past.. two hours or so and just been really working myself up into a panic. i hate that i do this but i can't help it. i'm now panicking like hale and i can't really breathe properly and everything is making me feel worse. booo. every time i try to do something to calm me down i realise i'm not working and then start to panic even more. which is fucking stupid because writing this isn't doing work either and urgh. i feel so tired but i don't want to sleep. i don't think i would sleep anyway even if i tried so aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. i love how blogs really bring out the worst feelings in you harhar! okay so i'm going to sit here until college tomorrow and stew. i might try and wake up at 5/6am just to see if i can. peace.

p.s i will not always be this emo.
p.p.s if you believe that you'll believe anything.
p.p.s i am really optimistic usually.
p.p.p.s haha told you so.
p.p.p.p.s i swear to fucking god, blogspot picture uploader makes me want to die.

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