Friday, 29 May 2009


i am not looking forward to this weekend. 9-5 saturday & sunday and then no idea when i'm going back to see my friends or joey. bad times. might be worth starting to look for a new job soon.

i've come back home and i'm starting to resent it already. maybe it's not the home that's the problem, maybe i am just sososososo sick of living under the thumb of people. i need my own place.

had a pretty fantastic fucking week. aside from the obvious downs of dramararara (which thankfully are over now, as far as i know!) it was amazing. it felt like a goodbye though. i love my friends.

i feel a bit sad and lonely and very, very displaced. hopeful? maybe. but not really happy. sort of MELANCHOLY. ah well.
life goes on and all that jazz.

p.s i saw over 6 people today in Tesco with full or half tattoo sleeves. feels like a sign.

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